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Executive Order 00-06
May 31, 2000


WHEREAS, the Department of Environmental Management has conducted a full review of the State's regulation of the State's private and publicly owned dams; said review and evaluation having been reported in the September, 1999 study entitled. Dam Safety Program Review and Evaluation. by Louis Berger Associates, Inc.; and

WHEREAS, the review has indicated a need to develop, in partnership with dam owners, a mechanism to assist dam owners in making dam repairs and to promote a more effective dam safety program; and

WHEREAS, the successful development of an effective dam safety program will be greatly advanced by the continued involvement and support of dam owners, be they private entities, dam associations, municipalities or state agencies; and

WHEREAS, continued deterioration of the inventoried dams throughout the State poses a significant threat to public safety and to the preservation of the State's natural and recreational resources.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN C. ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, hereby order as follows:

1. There is hereby created a Dam Safety and Maintenance Task Force that shall consist of dam owners, dam associations and representatives of municipalities, the state and federal government.

2. The Task Force shall consist of 18 members, appointed by the Governor, as follows: the Director of the Department of Environmental Management or designee; the Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency or designee; two (2) members of the Rhode Island Senate, consisting of one (1) member of the majority and one (1) of the minority; two (2) representatives of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, consisting of one (1) member of the majority and one (1) member of the minority; the State Budget Officer or designee; the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency or designee; three (3) representatives of municipal government to be recommended by the League of Cities and Towns; two (2) private dam owners or their designees; a representative of the Pascoag Reservoir Association; a representative of the Slacks Reservoir Association; a representative of the Indian Lake Association; a representative of the Quidneck Reservoir Association; and a designee of the Natural Resource and Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. The Directors of the Department of Environmental Management and the Emergency Management Agency shall serve as the co-chairs.

3. The Department of Environmental Management will provide such professional staff as is necessary for the successful implementation of this order.

4. The Task Force shall make its written recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly for the improvement of Rhode Island's Dam Safety and Maintenance Program by December 31, 2000, including, but not limited to, recommendations for one or more funding assistance programs, statutory and regulatory charges, classification of dams, as well as public education, registration and permitting requirements, inspection criteria, enforcement and program resources.

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon the date hereof.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond