Header, the Administration of the Honorable Lincoln C. Almond
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  1995 Executive Orders

95-01 Integrity and Ethics In State Government

95-02 Emergency Hiring Council

95-03 State Regulation Moratorium and Review

95-04 State Debt

95-05 Interim Howard Center Council

95-06 Paratransit Task Force

95-07 Policy on State-Owned Cellular Phone Usage

95-08 Abolition of Certain Executive Boards And Commissions

95-09 Oversight by Providence County High Sheriff and Statewide Service Process

95-10 Establishing an Economic Development Council

95-11 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

95-12 Governor's Advisory Committee on Wetlands and Septic Systems

95-13 Approval of Travel Expenses by Department Directors

95-14 Rhode Island Occupational Information Coordinating Committee

95-15 State House Restoration Committee

95-16 Waiver of User Fees at State Beaches, Parks And Recreation Areas

95-17 Addition of Positions to Economic Development Council

95-18 Appointment of Adjutant General

95-19 Transfer of Responsibilities from the Department of Substance Abuse to the Department Of Health

95-20 Unemployment Insurance Reform Task Force

95-21 Insurance Task Force

95-22 Insurance Task Force Membership

95-23 New Emergency Hiring Council

95-24 State Energy Office