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Executive Order 00-11
August 3, 2000


WHEREAS, within the Executive branch of state government, there is a recognized need for an annual employee performance review program designed to ensure that individual performance directly supports agency goals; and

WHEREAS, performance reviews encourage the efficient delivery of high-quality public services by identifying individual responsibilities, providing constructive feedback and ensuring the best use of the State's human resources; and

WHEREAS, performance reviews also benefit state employees and their employing agencies by systematically developing the skills and abilities of the State's workforce.

NOW THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN C. ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island hereby order as follows:

1. The Director of the Department of Administration shall design, implement, and administer an annual employee performance review program (the "Program").

2. The Program shall include a regular process by which (1) employees meet with supervisors to discuss job duties and expectations; (2) supervisors communicate effectively with employees regarding performance; and (3) supervisors complete annual written performance evaluations and discuss such evaluations with employees.

3. The objectives of the Program shall be: (1) improve individual employee performance; (2) strengthen supervisor and employee relationships; (3) identify training needs; and (4) provide constructive feedback to both employees and management.

4. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the Governor's Office shall be the first to administer pilot versions of the Program.

5. The Management Development Institute, established by the Office of Training and Development within the Department of Administration/ shall provide training to supervisors, middle managers, and higher level administrators as to the purpose and implementation of the Program.

This Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon the date hereof.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond