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Executive Order 02-05
October 2, 2002


WHEREAS, the quality of life of the citizens of Rhode Island is inextricably linked to a balance of social, economic and environmental values; and

WHEREAS, the State recognizes the responsibility of the local communities in the development of balanced land use plans; and

WHEREAS, growth centers are defined as planned or existing dynamic and efficient centers for development that have a core of commercial, industrial, and community services, residential development, and natural and built landmarks and boundaries that provide a sense of place.

WHEREAS, it is State policy as set forth in the State Guide Plan to promote growth centers; and

WHEREAS, the State makes substantial public investments that can be better directed to encourage greater private sector investment in growth centers; and

WHEREAS, the Growth Planning Council has recommended a structured program to promote the identification and promotion of growth centers.

NOW, THEREFORE, I LINCOLN ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, hereby order as follows:

1. The Office of Statewide Planning, in cooperation with the Growth Planning Council and other state departments and agencies, shall revise the State Guide Plan, especially its Land Use Element, to articulate the growth centers concept, criteria, process, and incentive program.

2. State departments and agencies shall report to the Governor within 90 days of this Executive Order with a preliminary inventory of funding resources that can be targeted to growth centers. The preliminary inventory shall include a description of any changes to rules, regulations, or statutes needed to give such areas elevated priority in these programs. State departments and agencies will also identify any other statutory or regulatory changes which could be made to further encourage development in growth centers. A point person shall be designated in each agency to coordinate this effort and work with the Statewide Planning Program as the staff representative for the Governor's Growth Planning Council.

3. The State Planning Council, with assistance from the Office of Statewide Planning, shall amend its rules and regulations governing the preparation and submission of Local Comprehensive Plans to permit and encourage the local amendment of such plans that identify growth centers in accordance with the criteria proposed by the Growth Planning Council. The State Planning Council will routinely advise the Growth Planning Council of such approved amendments.

4. The Office of Statewide Planning shall coordinate the review of municipally identified growth centers as proposed by local governments in comprehensive plan updates or amendments.

5. The Growth Planning Council shall develop preliminary recommendations for a process to prioritize growth centers for funding and to direct resources identified by state departments and agencies towards those prioritized growth centers. The Growth Planning Council shall endeavor to include said state departments and agencies in the process.

6. The Growth Planning Council shall recommend to the Governor and the General Assembly any changes in the state and federal laws, regulations, or procedures that would further promote growth centers.

7. The Growth Planning Council shall encourage federal agencies to support the growth center program.

8. The Growth Planning Council shall provide an annual report on the growth center program to the Governor and the General Assembly by June 30th of each year.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond