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Executive Order 95-01
January 3, 1995


WHEREAS, it is the purpose and responsibility of Rhode Island State Government to deliver services to the public it serves in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner; and

WHEREAS, it is vital for the people of Rhode Island to have confidence in their State Government and to regard State Government as an institution of public trust; and

WHEREAS, public trust requires a governing environment based on the integrity and accountability of officials and employees who adhere to high standards of professional excellence and ethics; and

WHEREAS, these goals can best be achieved with a formalized Code of Conduct for all officials and employees and implementation of procedures designed to ensure that ethical issues are raised and addressed promptly as they arise.

NOW, THEREFORE, DO I, as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, issue as my first Executive Order the following directive applicable to myself and all officials and employees within the jurisdiction of the Chief Executive:

I. All persons subject to this Order shall comply with the mandates of the Rhode Island Ethics Commission/ as stated in Title 36, Chapter 14 of the Rhode Island General Laws and related rules and regulations.

II. All persons subject to this Order shall further abide by the Code of Conduct made a part of this Executive Order.

III. The Director (or an appointee designated by him or her) of each board, commission or department subject to this Order shall assume the role of Public Ethics Officer.

IV. Each Public Ethics Officer who receives inquiries from officials or employees regarding the application of ethical rules shall take active steps to advise officials and employees of the rules contained in the Code of Ethics of the Rhode Island Ethics Commission and the within Code of Conduct.

V. Each Public Ethics Officer shall be notified or and attend seminars conducted by the Rhode Island Ethics Commission, and the University of Rhode Island regarding ethical issues and application and enforcement of Rhode Island laws and regulations concerning ethical guidelines for public officials and employees.

VI. Each Public Ethics Officer shall promptly notify the Executive Counsel of the nature of all questions concerning ethical behavior raised by officials and employees or by the Public Ethics Officer. The Public Ethics Officer and the Executive Counsel shall advise officials and employees of, and attempt to resolve the issue in accordance with, the Rhode Island Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct and any other applicable law. The Public Ethics Officer and the Executive Counsel shall inform employees of their right, to request independently advisory opinions from the Ethics Commission.

VII. If further assistance is deemed necessary in resolving ethical issues, the Executive Counsel shall contact the Rhode Island Ethics Commission to discuss and resolve the issue. If the Executive-Counsel and Public Ethics Officer consider it advisable to seek an advisory opinion from the Ethics Commission, they, in conjunction with any appropriate employee (s), shall prepare and submit a request for an opinion.

VIII. All persons are encouraged to bring concerns of ethical issues or violations by any public official or employee to the Executive Counsel in confidence to the extent allowed by the state open records law.


I declare my commitment to conduct myself at all times according to the highest principles of integrity and professional conduct in carrying out my public responsibilities and will adhere to the following standards:

I will not use public service for private gain- in all matters of official concern, the public interest will take precedence over any private interest.

All my acts will be guided and inspired by a commitment to public service and by respect for the Constitution, and the laws which emanate from it.

I will perform my duties to the best of my ability without favor or prejudice and in a manner that merits the trust and confidence of the public.

I will properly care for and preserve all public property in my custody or control and will not use public property for any purpose other than official business.

I will respect and safeguard all confidential information to which I have access in the course of my official duties and will not abuse or misuse any information with which I am entrusted.

I will serve the public with respect/concern/courtesy, and responsiveness.

I will uphold the ethical and moral principles in the Code of Ethics in R.I. Gen. laws Chapter 36-14 and this Code of Conduct.

As Governor, I call upon all public officials and employees, within and without the jurisdiction of my office, to join with me in adopting these principles as a demonstration of their commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in State Government as we take up the reins of leadership of our State for the next four years.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond