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Executive Order 95-02
January 6, 1995

WHEREAS, is is the objective of this Administration to assess the services provided by State Government and adjust State employment and services in an orderly, managerially sound manner to best serve the people of Rhode Island; and
WHEREAS, management and control of the State's personnel and fiscal resources during this period will be essential to the accomplishment of these objectives; and

WHEREAS, the establishment of an Emergency Hiring Council is a means of managing and controlling the State's personnel and fiscal resources.

MOW, THEREFOR, I, Lincoln Almond, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, hereby order and direct the following:

1. Thers is hereby established an Emergency Hiring Council, to consist of:

The Director of Administration, who shall act as Chairman, or his designee;

The Director of the Policy Office or his designee; and

The State Budget Officer or his designee.

2. All vacant positions shall remain vacant and shall not be filled unless authorization is given by the Emergency Hiring Council.

3. No new positions may be created and filled without the authorization of the Emergency Hiring Council.

4. All "75-day rule" requests, contracts with former State employees, and contracts for employment of a State employee of one department by another department or agency must be authorized by the Emergency Hiring Council.

5. Promotions, whether from the filling of vacant positions, creation of new positions, or by other means, require the authorization of the Emergency Hiring Council.

6. The Emergency Hiring Council may establish forms and procedures, create working groups to develop solutions to problems, and call for such information and assistance from the departments and agencies as may be necessary to fulfill its assigned responsibilities. It may delegate its functions either to departments or provide exemptions by classes of employees if it can ensure that both the letter and the intent of this Executive Order can thereby be more effectively and efficiently carried out.

7. Vacant and new positions for which authorization to recruit and fill was processed prior to January 3, 1995, will not be filled. Permission to fill these positions must be requested and approved of by the Emergency Hiring Council. Exceptions are those instances where a candidate has been selected and an offer has been made and accepted as of January 4, 1995, and positions previously authorized that are filled as a result of internal posting and recruitment from within State government.

8. It being the intent of this Executive Order that all matters to which, it relates be handled in compliance with legal and contractual obligations, all questions regarding same shall be referred to the Emergency Hiring Council, and no person or persons other than the Council shall have the authority to make any determinations in this regard.

9. This Executive Order replaces Executive Orders No. 91-4 and No. 91-22.

This Executive Order is effective immediately upon the date thereof.

So ordered:

Lincoln Almond