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Executive Order 95-07
March 3, 1995


WHEREAS, the number oŁ cellular phones in state service has increased, steadily and dramatically since 1991 to approximately 494 today;

WHEREAS, the cost oŁ calls made on state owned cellular phones has increased from approximately $78,000 in fiscal year 1991 to approximately $151,000 in fiscal year 1992 to approximately $221,000 in fiscal year 1993 to approximately $264,000 in fiscal year 1994;

WHEREAS, both the number of state owned cellular phones and the cellular phone bills generated by those phones have been excessive and unwarranted; and

WHEREAS, no formal policy regarding use of state-owned cellular phones has been established to date.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN C. ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby order that the following policy be implemented immediately:

l. The directors of all state departments and each board, commission and agency shall immediately determine which employees require state-owned cellular phones to efficiently perform their job duties to the State. Where use of a state-owned cellular phone is not necessary to perform those duties, use of state paid cellular phone service shall be terminated.

2. All users of state-owned cellular phones shall be reminded that the cellular phones are to be used for state business related purposes.

3. To ensure that any personal calls made on state-owned cellular phones are paid for by the user, each user shall be provided by their department, agency, board or commission on a monthly basis a copy of that user's cellular phone bill. The user shall promptly highlight all personal calls contained in the bill and write a check payable to the State to reimburse the State for all personal calls made. The user shall also certify that all calls not reimbursed by the user are just and proper calls relating to state business. Forms to be used for this purpose shall be provided to each department, agency, board and commission by the Department of Administration. Each department, agency, board and commission shall maintain records to show the amount of reimbursement by each user for personal calls.

4. The Department of Administration shall forthwith determine the best means to secure a discounted price on all cellular phone usage by the State, including establishment of a competitive bidding process.

This Order will take effect immediately.

Lincoln Almond