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Executive Order 95-08
March 3, 1995


WHEREAS, the people of the State of Rhode Island expect and deserve efficient/ streamlined and cost-effective government;

WHEREAS, the number of Executive boards and commissions in existence has grown year after year;

WHEREAS, the people are not served by the continued existence of Executive boards and commissions which have outlived their useful lives, are effectively defunct, and/or perform duties that are already provided (or cauld be provided) by existing state departments and agencies more effectively; and

WHEREAS, elimination of certain Executive boards and commissions will save tax dollars with no reduction in services provided to the public.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN C. ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby order the following Executive Orders recinded and the boards and commissions they created abolished:

1. Executive Orders QS-3 and 85-12, "The Governor's Small Business Advisory Council";

2. Executive Orders 9S-24 and 90-18, "Governor's Advisory Council on Refugees Resettlement";

3. Executive Order 87-6.1: "Rhode Island Emergency Response Commission";

4. Executive Order 37-13: "Governor's Advisory Council on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)";

5. Executive Order 39-1: "Rhode Island Advisory Commission for Minority Affairs";

6. Executive Order 89-21: "Howard Complex Advisory Committee";

7. Executive Order 90-4: "Drug-Free Workplace Commission";

8. Executive Order 90-17: "Rhode Island Youth Service Commission";

9. Executive Order 91-30: "Rhode Island Skills Commission";

10. Executive Order 91-33 "Year 2000 Health Objectives Task Force";

11. Executive Order 92-5: "Energy Coordinating Council";

12. Executive Order 92-6: "Task Force on Electromagnetic Fields";

13. Executive Order 92-16: "East Bay Water Task Force";

14. Executive Order 92-24: "Governor's Health Care Advisory Committee";

15. Executive Order 92-27: "Rhode Island Banking Statute Study Commission to Study Banking Statutes";

16. Executive Order 93-20: "Underground Storage Tank Study Commission";

17. Executive Order 94-19: "Blue Ribbon Commission on Wetlands and Septic Systems";

18. Executive Order 94-21: "Task Force Relating to the Accessibility of State Services";

19. Executive Order 76-39: "Rhode Island Commission for Indian Affairs"; and

20. Created by DBR: "Automobile Insurance Task Force."

This Order will take effect immediately.

Lincoln Almond