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Executive Order 95-23
September 18, 1995


WHEREAS, on January 6, 1995, Executive Order 95-2 was issued establishing an Emergency Hiring Council to assist in controlling the State's personnel and fiscal resources during difficult budgetary times; and

WHEREAS, Executive Order 95-2 provided, among other powers granted to the Council, that:

1. All vacant positions shall remain vacant and shall not be filled unless authorization is given by the Emergency Hiring Council; and

2. No new positions may be created and filled without the authorization of the Emergency Hiring Council; and

3. All "75-day rule" requests, contracts with former State employees, and contracts for employment of a State employee of one department by another department or agency must be authorized by the Emergency Hiring Council; and

4. Promotions, whether from the filling of vacant positions, creation of new positions, or by other means, require the authorization of the Emergency Hiring Council; and

WHEREAS, in light of the fiscal situation of the State, the mandated personnel shrinkage contained in the Fiscal Year 1996 budget, and the declining revenue forecast for Fiscal Year 1997, the necessity of a Council to perform these review functions remains; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for a closer link between the Council, the Governor's Cabinet and individual Department Directors; and

WHEREAS, legal representation on the Emergency Hiring Council is appropriate to ensure that all actions taken or recommended by the Council are in conformity with law and contractual obligations, it being the intent of this Executive Order that all questions regarding same shall be directed to the Emergency Hiring Council/ and no person or persons other than the Council shall have the authority to make any determinations in this regard; and

WHEREAS, more frequent meetings of the Council to resolve personnel issues and utilization of knowledge gained by the Council with respect to the State's overall personnel system are in the best interests of the State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lincoln Almond, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, hereby order and direct the following:

1. The Emergency Hiring shall forthwith consist of the following members:

The Director of the Department of Administration, who shall act as Chairman, or his designee;

A Department Director appointed by the Governor for a three-month period (Directors may be rotated or reappointed to the Council);

The Governor's Executive Counsel or his designee;

The Governor's Cabinet Secretary; and

The Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Boards and Commissions.

2. The Emergency Hiring Council shall meet at least bi-weekly.

3. In addition to the duties set forth in Executive Order 95-2, the Emergency Hiring Council created by the Order should use its experience to suggest to the Governor reforms to the State personnel system which would streamline hiring processes, consolidate redundant or unnecessary positions within government and generally improve the quality and delivery of the personnel system.

This Executive Order is effective immediately upon the date thereof.

So ordered:

Lincoln Almond