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Executive Order 95-24
October 2, 1995


WHEREAS, Executive Order 89-27 established, the Governor's Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations within the Executive Department on December 20, 1989 with all the powers, duties, and responsibilities as set forth in prior Executive Orders 85-17, 85-18 and 86-8; and

WHEREAS, the housing and intergovernmental relations functions of the Governor's Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations have been assumed by other entities; and

WHEREAS, the maintenance of a healthy economy, the fostering of economic development, and the health, safety and welfare of the people make necessary the continuation of a program to coordinate the conservation and distribution of all forms of energy so that available energy resources will be efficiently and economically managed and utilized consistent with sound environmental protection.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and pursuant to the Rhode Island General Laws section 42-6-8. as amended, hereby order as follows:

I. The Governor's Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations shall be dissolved through the revocation of Executive Order 89-27 and through the enactment of this Executive Order.

II. There shall be established an office within the Executive Department entitled the State Energy Office. The Director of the State Energy Office will be the Director of the Office of Management and Administrative Services and the Energy Office will be staffed by personnel of the former Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations along with those personnel currently assigned to the State Buildings Energy Conservation Program.

III. The Energy Office, in addition to other duties as may be assigned from time to time, shall be responsible for energy-related programs, activities, projects, grants and personnel previously assigned to the Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations, with the exception of those persons assigned to the Community Development Block Grant Program.

IV. The energy-related functions to be transferred from the Office of Housing, Energy and Intergovernmental Relations to the State Energy Office shall include the administration of state and federally funded programs, such as the following:

a) The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which offers heating assistance to eligible persons of low income.

b) The Weatherization Assistance Program, which offers home weatherization grants and heating system upgrades to eligible persons of low income.

c) The Emergency Fuel Program, which provides oil deliveries to families experiencing a heating emergency.

d) The Energy Conservation Program, which offers service and programs to all sectors.

V. The State Energy Office is authorized to apply for and receive grants from the federal government and all other public and private organizations to fulfill its purpose.

This Executive Order shall take effect on the date hereof.

Lincoln Almond