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Executive Order 96-03
February 1, 1996


WHEREAS, the recent grounding of the North Cape and Scandia and resulting oil spill have caused and will continue to cause significant damage to the State's resources, both natural and financial; and

WHEREAS, State entities have provided significant time, personnel, goods and services to mitigate the damace caused by the spill; and

WHEREAS, compensation, for thesa expenditures may be available to the State both from private and federal sources; and

WHEREAS, proper documentation and coordination of the State's numerous claims is critical to full and timely compensation.

NOW, THEREFOR, I, LINCOLN ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby order that:

1. A central clearinghouse (the "Clearinghouse") is hereby established to identify those State entities which have expended resources in connection with the North Cape/Scandia Oil spill. The Clearinchouse is charced wich developing uniform procedures and protocols for accurately quantifying claims by these entities and for submitting such claims to all potential private and federal funding sources.

2. To ensure consistency, the procedures and protocols developed by the Clearinghouse shall be used by all State entities submitting claims.

3. To maximize the State's opportunities for recovery, the Clearinghouse shall be the only State entity authorized to submit damage claims to private and federal funding sources.

4. The Clearinghouse shall consist of the Governor's Executive Counsel or designee, the Director of the Governor's Office of Management and Administrative Services, the Director of the Department of Health or designee, a representative of the Department of Environmental Management, a representative of the Department of the Attorney General, a representative of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Acency, a representative of the Department of Administration, Budget Office and the Director of the Economic Development Corporation or designee.

5. The Clearinchouse shall report its progress to the Governor and the Director of the Department of Administration on a weekly basis until the claims process is complete.

This Executive Order will take effect immediately.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond