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Executive Order 96-10
August 21, 96


WHEREAS, the Masonic Temple has stood, unfinished for more than sixty years; and

WHEREAS, the Temple has been listed on the Register of Historic Places; and

WHEREAS, this historic and architecturally significant building has deteriorated to the extent that in a few years" it may no longer be able to be rehabilitated; and

WHEREAS, through public and private donations, a daylong Charette to plan for the future use of the Temple was undertaken on April 12, 1996; and

WHEREAS, the Charette identified potential uses for the Temple and a process by which these uses could be implemented.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN ALMOND, by the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby order as follows:

1. There is hereby established a Masonic Temple Charette Implementation Task Force (the "Task Force"), the purpose of which shall be to make recommendations to the Governor concerning the feasibility of implementing the conclusions reached by the Masonic Tem-ole Charette.

2. The Task Force shall include individuals who have an interest in historical and architectural restoration and preservation. The members of the Task Force ahall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor JwJ-th no compensation. The members shall-include a representative of the Rhode Island Historical and Preservation Commission, a representative of the Rhode Island Preservation Society/ a representative of the Veterans Memorial Auditorium Preservation Association, a member of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Administration or designee, the Director of the Governor's Policy Office or designee, a representative of the Mayor of the City of Providence, and up to five other individuals. The Task Force is authorized to elect such officers and to create such committees as it deems necessary.

3. The Task Force shall report its findings and recommendations to the Governor no later than February 1, 1997. The Task Force should include in its report information on interested parties, if any, willing to undertake responsibility for the Temple, information concerning physical stabilization of the Temple and associated costs, along with a recommendation for the use of land surrounding the Temple.

This Executive Order is effective immediately upon the date thereof.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond