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Executive Order 96-16
November 18, 1996


WHEREAS, on Sunday, November 17, 1996 a 102 inch diameter water main ruptured at the intersection of Oaklawn Avenue and Meshanticut Valley Parkway in Cranston spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and flooding an area of approximately eighty acres; and

WHEREAS, the water main break has caused severe damage to roads, homes and businesses in the flooded area; and

WHEREAS, the water main break has resulted in a major water pressure drop in the cities of Warwick and East Providence and a portion of Cranston and could result in a complete water supply loss in these areas unless immediate water conservation steps are taken; and

WHEREAS, a loss of water would constitute an imminent and immediate threat to public health and sanitation, negatively affect firefighcing operations and cause other major problems in the affected areas; and

WHEREAS, Warwick, Cranston and East Providence have implemented their emergency operations plans, have declared states of emergency urging strict.conservation of water and have sought State assistance; and

WHEREAS, strict limitation on. water usage in the three affecced communities and voluntary conservation in all communities served by the Providence Water Supply Board is necessary until the ruptured main is repaired.

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me under the Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and R.I. Gen. Laws §§ 43-3-28 and 30-15-9 it is hereby Ordered as follows:

1. A state of disaster emergency is hereby declared for the cities of Warwick, Cranston and East Providence.

2. All residents of Warwick, Cranston and East Providence are directed to conserve water to the greatest extent possible. Use of water for dish washing, clothes washing, showering, and other needs should be strictly limited during this emergency. All outside water usage, such as car washing, should be terminated.

3. All businesses in Warwick, Cranston and East Providence are .also directed to conserve water to the greatest extent possible. High volume water users' should curtail operations at this time. Other businesses should institute water conservation measures until the emergency has ended.

4. Because conservation by other communities using Providence Water Supply Board water could help maintain the water pressure in Warwick and East Providence/ the municipalities of Providence/ North Providence, Johnston/ East Greenwich, West Warwick, Lincoln, Smithfield, Coventry and Glocester are urged to institute water saving measures during the duration of this emergency.

5. The National Guard is activated and directed to provide essential water and other support to the affected communities.

6. The Department of Health is directed to monitor business establishments in the affected communities to ensure that public health standards are met and to monitor water quality in the affected communities.

7. The State's emergency operations plan is and shall remain in effect and further, and more specific, orders, rules and regulations may be issued as needed.

8. This executive order shall have retroactive effect to 12:00 p.m. Sunday, November 16, 1996 and shall continue in effect until I find that the threat of danger has passed or that the disaster has been dealt with such that emergency conditions no longer exist.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond