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Executive Order 97-11
December 4, 1997


WHEREAS, by Executive Order 91-37, as modified by Executive Order 91-37A, the Governor's Insurance Council was established for a number of purposes relevant to the conduct of the business of insurance in Rhode Island at that time; and

WHEREAS, several of the purposes for which the Governor's Insurance Council was established are no longer of pressing concern; and

WHEREAS, the insurance industry continues to affect the lives of Rhode Islanders in many ways, including the availability and affordability of life, accident, health, property and casualty insurance of all types; involvement in underwriting, claims processing and complaint handling and dispute resolution; and the development and enhancement of a suitable business climate for the conduct of insurance activities; and

WHEREAS, State government is charged with significant responsibility in areas relating to the supervision, regulation and oversight of the insurance industry in its many forms; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate for the State continually to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the insurance industry's ability to meet and serve the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in Rhode Island; and

WHEREAS, in order to facilitate such evaluations, it is essential that representatives from the insurance industry have a forum in which to meet regularly with representatives from the legal, banking, and labor sectors, as well as other concerned parties, to discuss issues relating to the insurance industry in Rhode Island.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN ALMOND, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, hereby order that the Governor's Insurance Council be continued in the State of Rhode Island for the following purposes:

1. To advise the State in important developments and trends within the insurance industry and on the conduct of the business of insurance in Rhode Island; and

2. To advise and make recommendations to the Governor concerning legislation which affects the insurance industry; and

3. To undertake such studies, analyses and projects as the Governor may from time to time request.

Membership of the Council shall not exceed twenty (25) members who shall be appointed by the Governor and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Governor shall appoint the Chairperson who shall serve in that capacity at the pleasure of the Governor.

Ex officio members of the Council shall include the Attorney General or his designee, the Directors, or their designees, of the Department of Business Regulation and the Department of Labor and Training, the Executive Director, or his or her designee, of the Economic Development Corporation, and a representative from the Governor's office.

This Executive Order shall amend and supersede Executive Order No. 91-37A dated December 2, 1991, and take effect immediately upon the date hereof.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond