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Executive Order 99-09
August 18, 1999


WHEREAS, Rhode Island, through its Comprehensive Education Strategy, is committed to high standards and high achievement for all students; and

WHEREAS, the career and technical education of Rhode Island students is integral to the success of Rhode Island's Comprehensive Education Strategy; and

WHEREAS, an effective education in career and technical skills prepares students to become life-long learners, productive workers, and responsible citizens; and

WHEREAS, comprehensive and innovative career and technical education is necessary for the productive workplace of tomorrow and for Rhode Island's future economy; and

WHEREAS, to ensure the success of these education aims, Rhode Island's system of career and technical education must be supported, strengthened, and restructured in the context of the demands and opportunities of the future.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, LINCOLN ALMOND, by the authority vested in me as the Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, do hereby order as follows:

1. There is hereby created a Career and Vocational Education Task Force to review current practices, to consult with experts in relevant fields, and to formulate policy recommendations on restructuring Rhode Island's career and technical education system.

2. The Task Force shall develop its recommendations within the context of high achievement for all students as presented in Rhode Island's Comprehensive Education Strategy.

3. The Task Force shall develop its recommendations with the aim of expanding high performance, high skills, high wages, and job Opportunities in the major growth sectors of Rhode Island's economy.

4. The Task Force shall consist of fourteen (14) members appointed by the Governor as follows:

A. The Chair of the Board of Regents;

B. The Director of the Department of Labor and Training;

C. The Director of the Economic Development Corporation;

D. The Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education;

E. The President of the Community College of Rhode Island;

F. The Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Davies Career and Technical School;

G. The Chair of the Board of Trustees of the MET Career and Technical School;

H. One representative designated by the President of the AFL/CIO of Rhode Island;

I. One business/industry representative member of the Human Resources Investment Council;

J. One superintendent;

K. One principal of a vocational high school;

L. One high school vocational teacher;

M. The Director of Policy, Office of the Governor;

N. One public member.

5. The Co-Chairs of the Task Force will be appointed by the Governor.

6. The Task Force shall present its recommendations to the Governor on or before November 30, 1999.

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately and shall expire upon the submission of the Task Force's final report.

So Ordered:

Lincoln Almond