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June 20, 1995


I am transmitting to the Secretary of State, without my signature, 95-H-6159 Sub B "An Act Relating to Education."

This legislation will "encourage" school districts to employ one full-time speech-language pathologist for every forty students who receive speech-language services within the age range three to twenty-one. The legislation also requires the department of education to review its regulation relating to speech-language impairment in a specific manner as part of its triennial regulatory review. The bill would provide no funding for any additional pathologists hired by local school districts.

A frequent complaint from our school districts is that state government often sets local educational mandates without providing the money to achieve them. This denies flexibility to school districts and shifts the burden for payment of the mandate to the local properly owner. Importantly, this bill by its plain language does not create any such local mandate through legislation. It also does not require, or even encourage, the department of education to institute a ratio through regulation. The bill merely encourages school districts which can afford to meet the ratio to do so. As such, the bill does not require local school districts to expend any additional dollars.

For the foregoing reasons, I have allowed this bill to become law without my signature.


Lincoln Almond