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  Transmittal Messages - 1995 Veto Messages

H-5058 An Act Relating To Criminal Law - Parole

H-5063 An Act Authorizing Suit Against the State by Dennis and Joyce Weir and Making an Appropriation to Satisfy any Judgment Entered

H-5189 An Act Relating to Commercial Law - Deceptive Trade Practices

H-5267 An Act Relating To The Department of Corrections

H-5268 An Act Relating to State Affairs and Government - Administrative Procedures

H-5490 An Act Relating to the Right of Inspection by Governmental Agencies

H-6184 An Act Relating to Courts and Civil Procedure - Limits on Strategic Litigation

H-6187 An Act Relating to Health and Safety - Refuse Disposal

H-6191 An Act Relating to Public Finance - Indirect Cost Recoveries

H-6342 An Act Relating to Hotels - Businesses and Professions

H-6456 An Act Relating To Search Warrants

H-6522 An Act Relating To Labor and Labor Relations - Employment Security General Provisions

H-6644 An Act Relating to Health Care

H-6914 An Act Relating to Parks and Recreational Areas - Disabled Veterans

S-0035 An Act Relating To Dogs In The Town of Westerly

S-0231 An Act Relating to Businesses and Professions - Hawkers and Peddlers

S-0343 An Act Relating to Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code

S-0575 An Act Relating to State Affairs and Government" Department of Elderly Affairs

S-0675 An Act Relating to SLAPP Suits

S-0728 An Act Relating to Rhode Island Salvage Law

S-0779 An Act Relating to Public Finance - Indirect Cost Recoveries

S-0867 An Act relating to Rabies Control

S-0946 An Act Relating To Education And Labor And Labor Relations

S-0969 An Act Relating To Telecommunications

S-0977 An Act Relating to Health Care

S-1108 An Act Amending the Definition of Electric Utility

S-1109 An Act Relating to Public Utilities Commission - Amending the Definition of Public Utility

S-1151 An Act Relating to the Energy Facility Siting Act