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July 11,2001


I am transmitting to the Secretary of State, without my signature, 2001-S 0433, Substitute A, "An Act Relating to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation."

This Act would facilitate a potential industrial/business park adjacent to the Central Landfill in Johnsion to be developed by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. Both the Town of Johnston and the Corporation have the same objectives -to bring new business to the community and expand the Town's tax base while protecting the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. In 1996, the Town and the Corporation signed an agreement providing substantial monetary benefits to the Town. In that agreement both parties agreed "to work in concert to develop an industrial/business park in the Town." This legislation is consistent with those efforts. In the attached letter, the Corporation has provided assurance to the Town ofJohnston and to this Administration that it fully intends to work cooperatively with the Town on the proposed park. Toward that end, the Corporation has agreed to maintain a 200 foot buffer between the residential area and the proposed industrial/business park (100 feet beyond that required in the legislation and local zoning).

For the foregoing reasons, I will allow 2001-S 0433, Substitute A, to become law without my signature.


Lincoln Almond